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[FIC] The Broken Smile [1/3]
Title: The Broken Smile


Pairing: Dae centric, ToDae, the main pairing is ToDae, and followed by GDae, TaeDae, and DaeRi bromances.

Rating: PG-15 later will be NC-17 for additional part.

Warnings: rape(not too explicit just an attempt but failed at the end) and sexy time at the end of the story. [highlited to see. Contains spoiler]

Disclaimer: Obviously not mine. If it was, I'll make sure they show more loves on public.

Summary: TOP always has a crush on the Smiling Angel but he made a wrong decision that damaged Daesung.

A/N: This is my first BB fic and from the pair, you could figure out who is my favorite idol. Yep. DaeDae!! ^^ so, if you’re not that into Dae or really, boyxboy, please don’t read the fic~ Oh, and I’m going to use the old family outing members, which are Jaesuk, Hyori, Yejin, Chunhee, Sooro, Jongkook, and  Jongshin. ^^ (sorry, no Haejin and Shiyeon)


“Hyori-noona is really funny! She kept asking me when I will marry her,” Daesung said, laughing when they’re having breakfast. Just yesterday he came back from filming one of the episodes Family Outing.

“Haha, that’s good, Dae. You’ll going to marry a Korean Diva,” Youngbae replied as he eats his pancakes,

“Hyung! Don’t make me more envious of you!” Seungri whined, “You do know how I feel, right?”

“I’m sorry, Ri. I just couldn’t help it, she always mentions it and yesterday my mother asked me, ‘are you really going out with Lee Hyori?’” Daesung explained, “I was shocked!”

“Wohoo~, So then, what about you? Do you love her?” Jiyong asked playfully,

“Don’t be ridiculous. I may like her, but it felt like just like sister,” Daesung said, “besides, it’s all jokes for us. She always treats me nicely like brother,” he continued,

“Yeah, like ‘family’,” Seungri added followed by others laughter, except one, Seunghyun who lost his appetite and felt pain in his heart.

Discovers something is wrong with his hyung,

“Hyung,” Daesung called, only to get a cold respond,

“What,” Seunghyun replied shortly,

“Hyung, are you okay? You don’t eat much,” Daesung said, caring.

“I’m fine,”

“Hey, hyung, Daesung cared about you, why don’t you eat more?” Jiyong suggested,

“It’s none of your business,” Seunghyun said coldly,

“Hyung! I’m trying to help you! You should eat more because we have lot activities today! I don’t want to carry your fainted body later!” Jiyong yelled,

“Shut up!” Seunghyun shouted. Everyone froze,

“Hyung–,” Youngbae was cut off,

“I’m going to take shower,” Seunghyun said leaving the astonished band mates.


Daesung-hyung, let me take the dishes,” Seungri said, “you should rest,”

“It’s okay. I’m feeling well,” Daesung smiled to his maknae,

“But Daesung-ah, you do need a rest. You just got out from the hospital, don’t force yourself,” Youngbae added,

“See? Even Youngbae-hyung said that,” Seungri giggled,

“Just take a breath before we go to the studio, okay?” Youngbae touched Daesung’s back,

“All right, Sorry, Ri,” Daesung said as he washed off the bubbles on his hand.

“It’s okay, hyung. I’m glad you’re back and I don’t want you exhausted,” Seungri said to his beloved hyung and tapped lightly on Daesung’s shoulder, telling him to step out from the kitchen.

“Take your shower, I already have one,” Youngbae opened the door to their room,

“Ah, okay then,” Daesung replied, grabbed some clean cloth and then lost behind the bathroom door.


“Hyung! Why were you acting like that?” Jiyong yelled, not big enough for everyone to hear, just both of them.

“What?” Seunghyun asked as if he doesn’t know anything. He put his dirty cloth to the basket. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, I’m fucking asking you why you yelled at me and brushing the others like that!” Jiyong cursed, “Especially Daesung. You do know he just recovered from his accident and why did you being such an ass?!”

“Well then forgive me! I’m not in a good mood and somehow all of you just make it worse,” Seunghyun said stepping outside the room, leaving Jiyong who upset to death.

“Hyung! I’m not done yet!” Jiyong shouted, “Hyung!” but Seunghyun just went out of the room to turn on the TV, even though no one –included him– watch it.

Dammit! What’s wrong with him?! Jiyong cursed.


The photo session was somehow going smoothly with a horrible aura. Jiyong straightforwardly avoiding Seunghyun and Seunghyun released some kind of aura that telling them to ‘keep away!’ and no one dared to approach him.

But at the same time, Seunghyun keeps watching his crush from far which is now happily talking with Yunho who just happen at the same studio together with Changmin.

“Daesungie, I really miss you! How’s your condition? I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you at the hospital,” Yunho hugs his dongsaeng.

“It’s okay, hyung. I know you were busy,” Daesung flashes his angelic smile,

“Aigo~ Sungie! You’re way too adorable!” Yunho pinched the younger man’s cheeks and hugs him. And that trigger some kind of jealousy to Seunghyun. And before he snapped out, a familiar hand tapped his back,

“Hey, Seunghyun. How’s your day?” Changmin greeted friendly,

Seunghyun stared at Changmin for a moment, “Bad. And please don’t make it worse,”

“Oh well,” Changmin who doesn’t have any intention to Seunghyun’s life, started asking, “Do you think Daesung is gay?”

Dumbstruck at the question, Seunghyun tried to assured himself that what he just heard were wrong, “What…?”

“Well, you know, it’s not really that surprising, right? You do know I’ve done it with Yunho, right?” at that state, Seunghyun nodded. He does know the relationship between Yunho and Changmin.


“After seeing through my eyes, I could understand why Yunho always talks excitedly about that special dongsaeng. After that family outing, he and Junsu always talking excitedly about him. Sometimes Junsu even pout because Yunho left him behind when he plotted things with Daesung at that show. They talked about how cute he is, how adorable and how sexy he is,” Changmin said, “and, oh god, he got a perfect body with the nicest ass I’ve ever seen,” he continued excitedly, licking his lips, “maybe I could taste it once or taste it together with Yunho-hyung. Well, he’s kind of innocent, I bet he doesn’t know that Yunho is flirting with him,”

Speechless, Seunghyun never thought that anyone would feel the ‘gay’ way towards his crush. He just knew that he’s not the only person who can see how seducing Daesung is.

“I wonder how the progress between them,” Changmin said as he walks approaching Yunho and Daesung. Seunghyun could only stare, seeing how friendly they talk together. Even when Changmin touching his shoulder or Yunho encircle his waist, Daesung just giggled. And just a second before Changmin and Yunho whispered their desires for the youngest man, the photographer called Daesung.

“Phew, thank god,” Seunghyun mumbled under his breath when he sees his crush immediately run before the two lecherous men said anything.


“What happened to Seunghyun-hyung? Have you talked to him?” Youngbae asked to Jiyong,

“Yeah, he’s kind of scary, you know,” Seungri stated, mouth agape at how menacing the older Seunghyun is.

“I’ve tried to talk with him. But he just brushed me off. He’s in bad mood,” Daesung sighed,

“Let him be, he’s too ridiculous about his mood. Just let him cool down on his own,” Jiyong suggested,

“But Jiyong-hyung, we need a good atmosphere for other things. Like for interviews, what if he didn’t come up with a better mood?” Daesung tried to be rational, “at least he should talks to us,”

Jiyong stared at his beloved maknae. He give up, “all right, Dae. I’ll do my best,” Jiyong patted Daesung’s head, “it’s hard to refused when you begged me with such cute face,” and then he ruffled his hair.

“Ah! Jiyong-ssi! Why did you ruin it!” Daesung’s stylist yelled,

“Oops, sorry, noona! He’s too adorable, I can’t help myself,” Jiyong said playfully and the others laugh,

“Hyung’s hair is soft and smells nice, hmm,” Seungri hugged Daesung from behind and nudged his head to the crook of Daesung's neck, getting comfortable there.

“And he is warm,” Jiyong hugged Daesung, too.

“Hey, hey, I want to hug him, too,” Younbae pouted, “And you’re hugging him too tight, he’s going to run out of breath,”

“Ah, sorry,” both said in unison,

“hehe, it feels nice to be loved,” Daesung grinned,

“I love you, Dae. You’re funny, kind and caring,” Jiyong teasing the younger man, looking at his beautiful redden face.

“Oh, come on, stop making him nervous,” Youngbae said as he clinging to Daesung, “I love you, too, Dae,”

“Me too, love you, hyung,” Seungri grinned,

With his angelic smile, Daesung said, “I love all of you,” and they all giggled together.

“We need to end this photo shoot, I’ll get Seunghyun-hyung,” Daesung said.

And the photo session started again.


Seunghyun is frustrated. He’s filled with jealousy, anger and desire to as soon owning his crush before something like before happened again.

And he decides to take a step that ruined everything.


Huff, finally, hope you enjoyed it!!
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Are you writing more to this? It is really cute, but feels like you left us with a cliff hanger that you're going to continue....

I hope you do ^.^

AH! Nevermind..just saw that it says "1/3"....will wait patiently :)

oh, I will continue it, hehe :D will be updated soon!

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