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[Fic] An Awaiting Death 2
DMC, devil may cry, Dante, DMC Series, DMC4

The continuation of an awaiting death~


“Tsuna,” Yamamoto called, Tsuna was having his lunch, and “Sorry about yesterday, there was no need for me to hit you like that. I’m so…,”

“Stop, if you talks like that, it’s harder for me to say sorry,” Tsuna said, smiling.

“Eh?” Yamamoto confused,

“I’m sorry too. Let’s do our best tomorrow!” Tsuna said cheering his best friend,

“Yeah! Then, see you tomorrow,” Yamamoto said in his usual goofy smile. As he walked outside the door, Tsuna look at his empty hand.


He closed it, and gripping it tightly.


I’ll fight for everyone! One life for the better future is worthy enough.

Farewell may be unavoidable…

But I’ll walk this path with everyone, together…

And I’m happily accepting all of this…


The rain pounded the winners’ body. Even they got beaten up pretty badly, but they win. Thanks to their powerful boss.

“Tsuna! We won! I can’t believe it!” Yamamoto said in hustle. He was covering his hand which got a slight cut.

“Good job, Tsuna,” Reborn praised his student.

“You did it, Tsuna,” Dino said, smile sheepishly.

“You won the battle, congrats,” Irie said.

“Juudaime, we won this hell fight! We can go back to the past!” Gokudera said in happiness.

“Boss…,” Chrome smiled at his boss with happy face,

“We won to the EXTREME Sawada!!” Ryohei shouted.

“Tsuna! We won this battle thanks to Lambo-san!” Lambo said,

“Let’s go back to our base now!” Basil said, can’t wait to inform this good news,

“Tsunayoshi…,” even Hibari didn’t say anything further, he smiled for a second.

Tsuna looked at them with blurry eyes. He smiled weakly,

“Tsunayoshi, are you all right?” Hibari asked in worried. He remembered when Tsuna desperately cried to him for this not wanted to fight. He felt uneasy since that time.

“Y… Yeah… Let’s g…,” Tsuna breath hardly. He stunned. His eyes lid began to close.

“?! TSUNAYOSHI!!!” Hibari shouted as hard as he could when he sees Tsuna’s body quickly fall on the wet ground.

Followed by others, they quickly come to Tsuna.

“Tsunayoshi? Tsuna! Wake up!” Hibari said to Tsuna. But there’s no response.





I’m… happy… for everyone…





Reborn looked so down when he saw the shake from Shamal’s head. He opened his mouth, but there’s nothing coming from his mouth.

“NO!! NO!! JUUDAIME!!” Gokudera shouted. He can’t accept this.

“TSUNA! It’s a lie, right? Please, somebody, tell me it was just a joke!” Yamamoto said in frustration. There’s no way in hell he believe in it.

“Tsunayoshi…,” Hibari said in desperate. How? How could this happening? Everyone else just freeze. They cried, Kyoko, Haru, Lambo, I-pin, Fuuta, Bianchi, Giannini, Irie, everyone. Lal was stiffened. She couldn’t react.

“Mi-minna…,” Tsuna could barely speak. Everyone froze. Staring at their boss, “I’m happy… don’t let me… ruin… our win…” Tsuna smiled weakly, he turns to Hibari,

“Hibari.. no, Kyouya…,” this the first time he/I called me/him with my/his name, they both think the same things, ”I’m… all right… now… Thank… you…,” Tsuna said and tears flowing from his eyes. Then he closes his eyes.

“JUUDAIME!!” Gokudera yelled in his cries. No! This is a lie! A big lie!

“,” Yamamoto cried. Feeling guilty for hit his innocent boss.

Hibari cover his face, walking quickly outside the room, going to his place. As he walk along the way, there’re shed of tears.

Tsunayoshi… why you never told me? Why?

And I folly said that I won’t let you die…

Tsunayoshi… I love you so much that I cried for your death…

You leave me without warnings… no, you warn me but I never noticed it…

You always cried… yet I never try harder to make you told me about this thing…

Tsunayoshi… I already miss you… your angelic smile… your blushed face… your hot lips… your love…

I want to meet you, again…

My little herbivore...

My beloved boss…

Sawada Tsunayoshi… Il mio amore(my love)…

Once again... I want to say goodbye to you properly...


Tsuna’s funeral filled with anguish. No one’s speaking. Everyone sad and couldn’t accept this sudden death. Not in this way when the boy sacrifice his own life for fight.

“Guardians, there’s a message from your boss,” Shamal said, showing an envelope.

“!” everyone looked at him curiously and surprised. Then Gokudera accept the envelope and read it,

Stand up, everybody. Look at the sky above you. Raise your hands high, see? Even if departed, our hands will be linked together. Even if we lose our way by mistakes, it’s okay, don’t be discourage by it, don’t lose to it. Lives your life beautifully until the end. Remember, our bond is more than enough, see it as a precious thing.

Gokudera cried along the way. He then added,

Everyone, I’m happy… I love you all…

And Kyouya… I love you the most…


A/N : was it good?? I'm not really confidence about this one,  it's my first time writing an angst... Comment please! ;-)


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